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Game Launcher is a cross platform, universal front end for emulators. The main goal is to provide a user interface that is easy to use and attractive, yet does not look like a traditional user interface with windows and such. Game Launcher should work with any emulator, but it has been known to work with MAME, Nesticle, RockNES, zSNES, snes9x, Callus, Stella, z26, and Versions are available for Unix, DOS, and Windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2002 09:01

    Release Notes: This version includes a rudimentary screen saver, keys to restart and skip the current MP3, pre- and post-commands that are run before or after a game is run, and mouse (trackball and trackwheel) support. It has been ported to Win32 and Unix.

    Recent comments

    04 Feb 2003 09:35 mushroom63

    Re: surprisingly nice

    > It wasn't a lot of fun to build on
    > Linux.

    This suggests that you have been a lot more successful than me in attempting to build it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated


    14 Dec 2002 23:34 ward

    surprisingly nice
    A surprisingly nice front end for mame and other emulators that works well with TVs and arcade monitors.

    It wasn't a lot of fun to build on Linux. Given the author's likely move toward shareware, I expect that linux binaries will be supplied in the near future.


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