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  •  03 Aug 2011 19:58

    Release Notes: This release has support for Java 7 and AIX, and upgrades many components to the latest versions: EclipseLink, Jersey, Weld, Metro, Mojarra, OpenMQ, Grizzly, and more.

    •  23 Jul 2011 19:53

    Release Notes: This is an update release, and is the first release after the completion of the acquisition of Sun by Oracle. This release follows Oracle branding and licensing rules, adds support for additional platforms like JRockit, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and HP-UX, and includes more than 100 bugs fixed. Maven artifacts are available as well as multi-lingual distributions.

    •  23 Jul 2011 19:53

    Release Notes: This version builds on top of previous modular and Java EE 6-certified (Full Platform) versions 3.0 and 3.0.1 to add full clustering capabilities. This includes ssh-based provisioning, centralized administration, and session failover.

    •  25 Dec 2009 06:30

    Release Notes: This release improves scalability and fixes bugs for the GlassFish v2 family. More than 250 defects were fixed.

    •  24 Dec 2009 09:26

      Release Notes: This release is the first compatible implementation of the Java EE 6 platform specification. Many of the Java EE 6 themes carry over, including flexibility, extensibility, and developer ease of use.

      •  27 Jan 2009 01:18

      Release Notes: This release is an enabler for SailFin 1.0. Around 500 issues have been fixed. Several quality improvements were made, including a newer Shoal Group Management Service (GMS) and more robust Session Replication. MQ version 4.3 has been integrated.

      •  13 Apr 2008 17:14

      Release Notes: AIX support for Cluster and Developer Profiles. Netbeans critical bugs have been fixed. This release takes into account late customer feedback from the beta release. It specifically targets bugs and enhancements that are a "must have". OpenESB requirements have been addressed.

      •  18 Sep 2007 03:36

      Release Notes: Clustering and HA, the Metro WS Framework, built-in support for Open ESB, NetBeans 5.5.1 and 6 support, and support for Eclipse 3.3, MyEclipse, and IDEA. The majority of the GlassFish code is now available under a dual license consisting of the CDDL 1.0 and GPL 2.

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