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  •  29 Jul 2001 18:49

Release Notes: Internationalization of labels has been implemented; labels' text can be changed at run-time through message catalogs. The tutorial has been completed, and a fix for a bug that made RO/RW attribute of text widgets not always honored.

  •  29 Apr 2001 14:18

Release Notes: Custom widget handling has been enhanced so that generated UI classes can be specified in glade as native widget names (this was a lacking main step towards component development). Controller classes can be automatically created and connected to at UI instantiation time. This release also has other minor bug corrections.

  •  29 Apr 2001 00:57

Release Notes: New bindings are available in pygtk-0.6.8. Menu keyboard navigation is now fully working. Other minor changes and bug corrections are detailed in the enclosed README.

  •  25 Mar 2001 13:00

Release Notes: All remaining widgets are now handled. "Set widget names" and "generate main" project options are honored, as well as "has focus", "has default" (Widget) and "max length" (Entry) widget attributes. Global accelerators (not those inside menus) are also honored. Get/Set methods are now generated for more widgets: ColorSelection[Dialog], FontSelection[Dialog], FileSelection, H/V-Scale, and Calendar. Other minor things were also completed (see README for details).


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