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No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: The Linux sensor monitor reads ACPI thermal_zone temperatures. An uninstall target has been added to the Makefiles. The previous session id is registered with the session manager to avoid session manager startup hangs. The optional PID is also registered for sessions. Config keywords no longer collide if one is a substring of the other. There are translation updates.

Release Notes: GTK2 theme tracking now works. Disks from the config are now only added if they are actually present. A plugin API was added to the alerts and the code specific to the gvoice plugin was removed from alerts.c. The battery monitor now handles a composite battery if one is reported by the sysdep code. Various fixes and updates were made.

Release Notes: This release has new system name display modes to prevent truncating the kernel version part of the name, and screen edge resistance when moving the window for easy placement on screen edges. The gkrellmd server can monitor local mailboxes. There are some other small changes and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The chart auto grid resolution mode was improved to eliminate the occasional need for manual recalibration. The Internet chart can now display total connections over a variable number of minutes. Net transfer stats and dialup connect times are available for the current day, week, and month. Some bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Usage Alerts can now be set for most monitors: cpu, load, disk, net, file system, memory, and swap. New gkrellmd server config options allow a gkrellm client to attempt automatic reconnects when network connections are lost. Some rare /proc/acpi battery variations are handled. A new Dutch translation was added, and various small bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The program now handles .sylpheed_mark files for Sylpheed mail folder new mail counts. Root privileges can now be dropped if gkrellmd was started as root. There were also translation updates, a fix for name conversion of SCSI disks, the prevention of sensor relocation to Proc or CPU panels when the monitors are not enabled, and fixes for potential Windows memory leaks.

Release Notes: If disk stats from /proc/partitions are available (a recent Linux kernel compiled with the .config option CONFIG_BLK_STATS=y) the disk monitor will report data from all disks and partitions listed there. The battery monitor can now display multiple batteries. The theme scaling was improved to work with all themes.

Release Notes: Users can now scale krell and decal theme image sizes to adjust for small gkrellm graphics on screens that hava a high resolution. Linux ACPI battery monitoring was added, and the APM monitor was renamed Battery. Various bugfixes were made, including Darwin and Solaris compile fixes and a Windows multi-CPU fix.

Release Notes: IPv6 support for client/server connections has been added and minor bugs have been fixed.


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