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GKrellM Plugin

GKrellDnet is client monitor plugin for GKrellM. It includes a client wrapper, so you can write monitoring apps for WindowMaker, GNOME, Enlightenment, etc.

Operating Systems

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  •  09 Apr 2010 23:00

Release Notes: The wrapper now includes an optional built-in Web server for easier client stats retrieval. Support for old versions of the client (v2.8010 and older) was removed. The wrapper now uses getopt_long.

  •  16 Dec 2007 15:38

Release Notes: Support for the lastest client output format was added.

  •  28 Nov 2004 05:44

Release Notes: A segfault in dnetw was fixed.

  •  27 Nov 2004 11:32

Release Notes: Opteron compilation was fixed. dnetw and gkrellm can now run as different users.

  •  17 Jul 2004 14:01

Release Notes: On multi-CPU systems, each CPU has its own krell now.


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