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giv, the G(reat|tk|NU) Image Viewer, is an image and hierarchical vector viewer. It was designed especially for scientific vision and computational geometry.


Recent releases

  •  10 Jan 2014 08:29

    Release Notes: This version introduces vertical zoom locking. It also fixes several bugs, including ones related to high zoom polygon clipping and 1-bit tiff images.

    •  29 Dec 2012 18:59

      Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release which fixes a bug in the display of binary tiff images. It is also the first release to provide a 64-bit Windows binary installer.

      •  10 Jun 2012 13:22

        Release Notes: This major bugfix release solves display discrepancies in the marks viewer, in the state of balloon popups, in caliper-text on windows and in other places. It adds several new features, including multi-line text annotations, shadows below the text, and persistent settings for auto-contrast, sub-pixel coordinates, and auto-fit. It changes the behavior of mouse wheel zooming so the coordinate below the mouse stays fixed when zooming.

        •  06 Jan 2012 13:09

          Release Notes: This version adds remote control of giv through a JSonRpc protocol. This makes giv suitable for a remote viewer for a running application. There are commands available for changing the image and the vector view of an already running giv, as well as prompting the user to click on a coordinate and retrieving the pixel coordinate.

          •  13 Nov 2011 20:58

            Release Notes: This is a minor enhancement and bugfix release with the following new features. A pixel grid has been added that may shown at high zoom factors. A new tool allows counting the number of marks in a region. The auto-contrast on file loading may now be turned off. A bug related to multi-slice images in the fits plugin was fixed.


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