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Gimp# is a C# wrapper around the GIMP API. It also offers a plugin framework. This enables users to quickly write new GIMP plugins using .NET or Mono.


Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2010 11:51

    Release Notes: GIMP 2.6 is now supported. A plug-in written in Oxygene (Object Pascal) and a plug-in to export to JavaFX were added. Test coverage has improved to over 300 unit tests, and there has been a major code cleanup.

    •  12 May 2008 15:51

      Release Notes: Many improvements were made to the Photoshop actions plug-in: 10 actions are now completely verified. An abandoned plug-in to load GEM image files was ported. The Russian translation was updated.

      •  07 Jan 2008 13:09

        Release Notes: Nemerle, Boo, Visual Basic, and F# sample plug-ins were added. GIMP# now uses C# 3.0 features for cleaner code. The abandoned Sky plug-in (a part of PhyModMedia plug-ins) was ported.

        •  20 Nov 2007 11:20

          Release Notes: Support for Photoshop actions files has improved and is now close to 50%. There are now many more unit tests, especially for the GIMP 2.4 API. Most bugs have been fixed and some minor enhancements were made.

          •  04 May 2007 09:02

            Release Notes: GIMP# now has support for IronPython. Many bugs were fixed and coverage of the GIMP API is more complete.


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