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19 Nov 2010 23:37 kazkylheku


17 Oct 2008 23:54 Ponphan

10 retouching image tutorials
Hi guys. Iíve been using GIMP for a while and I love it. Now, Iím a college student and I have to pay for my own way through college. I thought about GIMP and remembering how it has helped me in the past, by retouching my and my friendsí images. At the time I wished there was an easy way for me and others to use the program. Then I decided to create 10 retouching image tutorials and recorded them on DVDs that was user friendly and easier for people to use. I would like to sell the DVD for $14.99, which would greatly help me through school. Please purchase this product to support my efforts and the GIMP community. Thank you very much. Ponphan Suwanakas, Western International University student. You can purchase my product at

Thank you guys so much

28 Jan 2006 03:32 honewatson

The Gimp Rocks
Does everything I need it to. Lets face it photoshop ain't cheap so if you're on a budget check out the Gimp.

Worth the effort of having to install the gtk

22 May 2004 11:09 jrjohns3

Super Tool
I am always amazed at the quality and functionality of The GIMP. Great work!
Jake the Jeweler

04 Mar 2004 09:33 BigSven

Screenshots at (

02 Mar 2004 07:33 mitko200

Please peopl,i'm desperate, i need to seesome awesome screenshot of thenew gimp in action,but i found none so far..that's why i registed here - i need your screensots:-))
(i am currently unable to d/l the latest release to try it out for myslef, but im desperate to see some snapshots)
thanks in advance!

25 Jun 2003 14:57 jrjohns3

All time Favorite
This has always been an all time favorite. I am very impressed with the developers on this app. I was amazed the first time I ran this app (a long long time ago). Thanks for all your efforts!!!



12 Feb 2002 10:03 Evanidus

Re: When will version 1.2.3 be released ?!
Talking of the devil... Say hello to the 1.2.3 :)

12 Feb 2002 07:52 BigSven

Re: When will version 1.2.3 be released ?!
What can I reply to such nonsense and FUD? Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get things right. GIMP-1.2.3 has been released in the meantime and development goes on.

12 Jan 2002 18:38 brainless

When will version 1.2.3 be released ?!
Looking at the "PRE" version of 1.2.3 [ ] anyone will notice that the development has STOPPED !

The "last" pre 1.2.3 was released on Nov, 06, 2001, and it has been OVER TWO MONTHS ALREADY without any development.

Is 1.2.3 officially DEAD ?!

Can the GIMP people give some explaination, please?


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