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11 Feb 2010 08:02 lakshmipathi

screencasting for giis ext4 is now available :)
Check out official home page !!!!

22 Jan 2010 12:48 lakshmipathi

Coming soon giis for ext4 file system. It has better performance than giis for ext3.So watch out... ;)

17 Sep 2009 08:26 lakshmipathi

That's why everyone provide source code for free along with docs. You could try study/analyze them and write something new with more features than existing ones.All the best :)

03 Sep 2009 11:26 amaresh944

Good one .. i love it ..

Will you guide me to make new one ?

24 Feb 2009 06:25 lakshmipathi

giis 4.4 test environments
giis 4.4 worked fine with following three

Fedora 7 (Linux Kernel 2.6.25. and gcc 4.1.2)

Ubuntu 8.10(Linux Kernel -2.6.27-7 and gcc 4.3.2)

Mandriva 2009(Linux kernel-2.6.27 and gcc 4.3.2)

Some issues (Partial recovery ) still Debian Etch(Linux Kernel- 2.6.18-5 and gcc-4.1.2)

29 Sep 2008 05:03 lakshmipathi

regarding giis 4.3 version
It will recover and restore deleted files.

It also recovers dropped tables from databases like mysql.

Limitation :

It won't parse directory contents , if it's size greater than block_size. This will be rectified in giis 4.4. :)

07 Apr 2008 22:02 lakshmipathi

Just to Confirm you giis 4.2 is placed under GNU GPL

20 Jun 2007 00:29 lakshmipathi

any gui programmers
Hi ,

I'm in search of gui (gtk/galde/qt)programmer to implement my console based tools (written c )in gui.If you are interested please mail me.


31 Jan 2007 06:53 lakshmipathi

Any Feedback???
Hi all,

I'll gald to receive youe comments and suggestion and criticizms on giis...

please sent them ASAP ;-)

22 Jan 2007 07:24 lakshmipathi

It's Free for programmer and for Certain type of End-users
Sorry i updated this as not GNU GPL in forget to update here.

Sorry it's my mistake.

It's Free for programmer and for Certain type of End-users but not for all.

Thx For your Comments :-)


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