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  •  07 Dec 2007 08:12

Release Notes: This release adds a Linux binary version distributed as an autopackage, a new preference to toggle Skip Taskbar (useful to "hide" ggmud quickly if you are playing in office), button bars support (configurable through the GUI or the commandline), a new font configuration dialog (you can now have different fonts for the input/output window and the GUI), a trigger special character "$" which matches the end of a line, a new native OS X version (still alpha) due to the native OS X GTK beta stage, and some bugfixes.

  •  26 Jul 2007 06:36

Release Notes: This release features a new macro editor. You can bind a macro to any keyboard combination MCCP support was added. along with SOCKS 4/5 proxy support, totally rewritten GUI code, an OS X DMG package, and a faster and more standards-aware ANSI parser. Win32 preferences are now stored in the user's application data.

  •  31 May 2006 17:22

Release Notes: Moved to GTK2. Scripting support via LUA. An improved ANSI parser with blinking. A new review buffer split view. Improvements to all program dialogs. Trigger classes. Now available as an App bundle, and doesn't need external GTK for OS X. An improved installation self-executable for the Win32 version.

  •  17 Oct 2003 08:47

Release Notes: This release adds a lot of new commands, implements #window to send text to new subwindows, improves the preferences system, adds the ability to use Mud-like ANSI colors to highlight texts, and makes many bugfixes and enhancements,


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