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ggiterm is a software terminal emulator like xterm. However instead of X, it uses the GGI system for its rendering, which allows it to be displayed on anything from a framebuffer to multi-screens across networked hosts (including ordinary X sessions). It features multiple font formats, anti-aliasing, vt100 compatibility, and full internationalization.

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  •  30 Jun 2005 03:18

Release Notes: Huge speed improvements were made and a lot of longstanding bugs were fixed. Better font rendering and support for non fixed-width fonts were added and icons were included in the package.

  •  27 Oct 2004 05:06

Release Notes: A major speed improvement was made. A man page was added. New --exec and --version options were added. Blinking mode, visual bell, and cursor invisibility were implemented. Terminal emulation is now complete. The Shift + PgUp/PgDown feature is supported. The program now builds on Cygwin.

  •  02 Dec 2003 14:46

Release Notes: Heavily reworked code, but few user-visible changes. The default TERM value is now "ggiterm" instead of "ansi", whose definition is not consistent across systems. There is i18n support in input as well as output, vt100 compatibility, and no more iconv dependency. This release builds on Solaris, and fixes the "disappearing lines" bug with LibGGI > 2.0.1.

  •  30 Oct 2003 13:53

Release Notes: This release implements invisible mode, bold mode, underline mode, colors, and tabs. A segfault when a font is rejected and debuglevel is greater than 0 has been fixed, as well as an error at compilation when FT support is not compiled in. A minimalistic forkpty() replacement has been added for when the system doesn't have it. Now ./configure --with-ggi-prefix=DIR behaves as expected.

  •  16 Oct 2003 20:17

Release Notes: Bugfixes were made. The program now builds on Mac OS X.


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