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GGI (General Graphics Interface) aims to develop a reliable, stable, and fast graphics system that works everywhere. The authors want to allow any program using GGI to run on any platform, requiring at most a recompilation.

Operating Systems

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  •  27 Jan 2007 18:39

Release Notes: Bootstrapping (aka running now works with automake 1.10. display-lcd823, display-vgl, display-tile, display-quartz, crossblit, and generic blitting operations have been fixed.

  •  26 Feb 2006 11:12

Release Notes: The general build system was updated. In libgii, README.directx was updated to help MinGW users configure properly. Mouse moving and mouse wheel now works properly in display-quartz. The crash on exit bug was fixed in libggi's display file. A deadlock in ggiClose was fixed in display-directx.

  •  11 Dec 2005 08:02

Release Notes: The display-quartz target is now available. The config file parser and module loading infrastructure were redesigned and rewritten. display-xf86dga was removed. input-xwin was merged with input-x. The buildsystem now uses libtool 2.0. Support for static linking was added. The debugging infrastructure is now consistent throughout all libraries. C99 int types are now used. Generic checkmode handling was introduced, and display-x and display-fbdev use it.

  •  23 Sep 2005 14:01

Release Notes: A crash-on-exit was fixed under display-palemu or display-trueemu for libggiwmh and libggimisc. In libggi, the bug that made display-tile crash that could happen when mansync in active before a mode is up was fixed. Note that this release marks the end of maintenance of GGI 2.1 releases (unless a volunteer takes it over).

  •  23 Sep 2005 13:43

Release Notes: The configuration file parser and loading module infrastructure has been redesigned and rewritten. Static linking is now supported. A new generic chekmode handling was implemented in libGGI. A Quartz target (Mac OS X) was added. The debugging infrastructure is now consistent through all libs. The X target (both in libggi and libgg) now implements xf86dga functionalities.


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