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gFTP is a free multithreaded file transfer client for *NIX based machines running X11R6 or later. It has text and GTK+ 1.2/2.x interfaces and supports the FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, FSP, and SSH protocols and has FTP and HTTP proxy server support. It supports UNIX, EPLF, Novell, MacOS, VMS, MVS, and NT (DOS) style directory listings, and has a bookmarks menu that allows you to quickly connect to remote sites. The code is fully internationalized and there are currently 45 translations available.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2008 23:47

Release Notes: Improvements to the networking code, fixes for several segfaults, i18n fixes, and 38 updated or new translations.

  •  05 Feb 2005 03:51

Release Notes: This release added support for the FSP protocol, made GNOME HIG improvements, improved the SSH connection code (you no longer need to know the remote path of sftp-server), and included 64-bit cleanups, more largefile fixes, IPv6 fixes, a security fix that ignores the file paths returned by the remote server, and many other small bug fixes and improvements.

  •  28 Mar 2004 18:08

Release Notes: This release adds FTPS support, the ability to control the GUI from a commandline-like interface, and many other small changes and improvements.

  •  09 Nov 2003 07:40

Release Notes: This release fixes parsing some directory listings, has better remote character set handling, bugfixes in all of the protocols, several updated language translations, and several other bugfixes.

  •  21 Aug 2003 14:19

    Release Notes: Many bugfixes, internationalization improvements, IPv6 support, and HTTPS protocol support.

    RSS Recent comments

    02 May 2004 19:10 sur4k Thumbs down

    If only there was something better
    I'm a long-time gFTP user, but I finally got fed up with its quirks and inconsistencies. Too many times has it done something totally unexpected and not put up any kind of error message. The only reason I used it up until now was because I didn't know where to look for something better, and for some reason a lot of other ftp clients don't realize when a file finishes transferring to the ftp server I often connect to (but gFTP does). I'm going to check out kbear and hope that it handles queues more intelligently (like, not try to open a new connection every time you queue a file for upload, or actually have a download throttle so you can specify only downloading one file at a time).

    28 Mar 2004 20:53 loki27

    SuSE RPMs
    SuSE RPMs (9.0 and 8.2) of gftp available on my site (

    There's also an APT (apt4rpm) repository.

    25 Oct 2003 05:27 accura2k

    Great ftp software.
    gftp has always been the ftp software of choice by me. The gui is easy to get familar with. Really simple for anyone used to the look and feal of wsftp on windows.

    17 Feb 2003 18:25 Avatar learfox Thumbs down

    URL parsing bug patch 2.0.14
    Below is a patch for 2.0.14 that fixes the URL parsing bug that is still apparent in 2.0.14.

    The bug now is different, it has to do with seeking the string pointer to the start of the path portion of the URL string, simply seeking 7 characters isn't fool proof, remember in "introduction to computers & networking(tm)" that URLs have a <protocol>://<address><path>

    Local URLs do not always have the <address> but simply assuming it dosen't exist dosen't follow any quality coding practice. Please seek the string past the "" then use strchr() to seek to the '/' character to find the path portion of the URL.

    28 Jul 2002 23:39 Avatar learfox Thumbs down

    URL parsing bug patch
    Here's the patch to gftp 2.0.13 that fixes the url parsing segfault:


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