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Gfilemanager is a GTK+ 2 filemanager with Samba support.

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  •  23 Feb 2003 23:01

Release Notes: This version adds a cancel button to the samba scanners status window and local filesizes and mountable devices to the file listing, so that the devices can be clicked on to automagically be mounted/unmounted/browsed. It also adds an archive handler window with info and install/unpack choices, and fixes a bug in "copy left file to right side when it had a split directory name". A Swedish language translation, disk usage, a run command window, and a main window icon were also added.

  •  13 Jan 2003 18:19

Release Notes: Improvements to the attribute list filter, a new scan timeout per host setting, detection for nmblookup errors, various other error detections and error correction for the remote listing, and display of remote disk-free/total size.

  •  06 Jan 2003 16:16

Release Notes: A new choice to scan a subnet-range, changes to the filelisting code and a fix for a bug in it, a new option for sourcecode and webcode editors, and a new add file option and some more error checking when renaming/creating/etc.

  •  02 Jan 2003 10:08

Release Notes: An option to show hidden files/directories in the settings window has been added. The listing code has been changed a bit, and the ".." has been removed when at browsing at the root level.

  •  24 Dec 2002 17:45

Release Notes: A new mimetype function and mimetypes to the right treeview, and updates for mkdir, del, rename and when unpacking .tar.gz archives.


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