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GF1 is a computer program for playing the 2 player boardgame GIPF. It has a nice and easy to use graphical user interface and you can play against another human, against the computer, or let the computer play against itself. The computer player is good enough to beat even the best human players at the moment.


Recent releases

  •  29 Feb 2000 18:26

    Release Notes: Improvements in filehandling (new filechooser widget), and production of logfiles in the correct format for a gipf-game.

    •  26 Jan 2000 12:53

      Release Notes: GF1 now supports playing by e-mail. You can save your game, send it to your opponent, he then makes his move and sends the new game-file back to you. GF1 now generates PNG, rather than GIF, files.

      •  12 Jul 1999 22:09

        Release Notes: This version fixes some minor bugs and improves the speed of the computer player.

        •  04 Jun 1999 15:45

          Release Notes: This is the first 'complete' version of GF1. All features are implemented and should be working correctly.

          •  20 May 1999 14:48

            Release Notes: This version solves some annoying bugs and contains some other minor changes.

            Recent comments

            09 Oct 2007 05:12 Vintermann

            Fabulous game ...
            and a really nice implementation with a very challenging AI. Pity that it's practically abandoned... the binaries are usable if one installs an old version of libstdc++ and fudges things a bit, but I've not managed to build from source at all. There is no configure script, and I've not managed to work out from the C++ error messages what the project's true dependencies are (it probably includes a specific C++ std.lib. version :-/ )


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