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Release Notes: Adds a new POP3-over-SSL initialization class, which is automatically used when Python 2.4 or newer is in use. This reduces the overhead involved in retrieving messages from a POP3 SSL server (reduces systime about 35%, user time about 50%, and wall time 10-30%). A getmail_fetch configuration-less command line POP retriever has been added, which is perfect for scripting use. Relative imports within the getmailcore package has been eliminated.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: Documentation updates and cleanups. MultiGuesser destination has been added; it's like MultiSorter, but guesses at the message recipient based on addresses found in the message header, to be used for mail sorting if you don't have a proper domain/multidrop mailbox. Initialization code from retrievers has been consolidated to the RetrieverSkeleton base class. There is a slight change to main script and retriever base classes to change the way the retriever objects are destroyed and garbage-collected. An unneeded hostname variable in MultiDestinationBase has been removed. A "Summary:" header line has been added to the main script output in verbose mode.

Release Notes: Significant new features of getmail 4 include support for POP3, POP3-over-SSL, IMAP, IMAP-over-SSL, and SPDS single-user and multidrop (domain) mail accounts. Installation is done via a standard Python distutils script. Built-in support for message filtering, better logging, significant new security features, and better cross-platform compatibility were added. There is also much better documentation and various smaller improvements.


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A lightweight SSL/TLS library supporting up to TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2.


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A Scala-based build system.