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  •  27 Feb 2010 01:11

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to filter which PVR searches are run and the ability to exclude PVR searches by name. It allows you to sort by connection priority in mode numbering. It has an improved user agent function. It will skip subtitles download if the file already exists. It adds the modeshort substitution parameter, which is the same as mode but without the trailing digit. It makes sure that any file prefix that specifies mode doesn't use the trailing digit to prevent duplicate recordings in some cases. It adds BBC Radio Sussex into local radio lists. It fixes a regression bug where URLs would not get recorded. There is a new Web PVR Manager with new Record functionality.

  •  07 Jan 2010 18:50

Release Notes: Improved series/episode number extraction from meta-data. Improved episode name extraction from meta-data to include episode number where appropriate. Episode and series numbers have been added to caches. Freevo has been added as a metadata format. This release adds --email options to allow for scheduled HTML search results to be sent by email. It adds the --pvrscheduler option to run the PVR at regular intervals. It fixes a bug where stat was called on a non-existent cache file in debug mode. It adds a workaround where abs_path does not work in Win32. It fixes flvstreamer/rtmpdump version detection.

  •  02 Nov 2009 17:23

Release Notes: This release adds a --before option to limit search results to programs added before a specified number of hours. It fixes a bug where the --atomicparsley path override was ignored. It adds advisory and genre tags to AtomicParsley tagging. It uses full datespec for the year tag in AtomicParsley tagging. It sets the AtomicParsley MP4 'stik' tag to 'Film' or 'TV Show' depending on the program category. It fixes a bug where non-Unix systems set the $HOME environment variable and subsequently had the wrong profile/preferences directories set.

  •  24 Oct 2009 17:36

Release Notes: Support was added for new flashvhigh, flashhigh, flashstd, and flashnormal BBC Live TV modes. Detection was added for different audio rtmp AAC stream bitrates. flashaac is now expanded into flashaachigh, flashaacstd, and flashaaclow. AtomicParsley support was added for tagging mp4 files. A check was added for generated filename paths longer than 255 characters. The localfiles plugin no longer uses the Unix find command, so it will work under Win32. Name and episode extraction from URL title metadata was fixed. Thumbnail download is done before running user commands.

  •  11 Sep 2009 09:56

Release Notes: History entries can now be listed and searched by adding --history. The --info, thumbonly/metadataonly/subsonly options can now be used with --history to get metadata after recording. The --thumbonly option was added to download the thumbnail without recording the programme. A bug where iplayer name and episode was parsed incorrectly if there was no ':' in the title was fixed. Incorrectly interpreted error return codes from open3 external commands were fixed. Increasingly destructive signals are sent to spawned commands if a SIGTERM/PIPE/INT is received. A SIGTERM handler for the external program calls was added.

  •  06 Sep 2009 07:28

Release Notes: The new --series option was added, which lists only series names with a number of episodes and categories. Thumbnail size support was added. Use --thumbsize=N to select the size of the thumbnails in the cache (use --info to see available thumbnail sizes). Use --thumbsizemeta=N to select the size of the thumbnails used in the metadata. The --help-basic option was added for a simple help page. Accuracy was improved for TV/radio feed 'name' and 'episode' parsing. A bug where streaming-only mode would fail if the recorded file already existed was fixed. The 'Series' link was added to each prog to allow the creation of a PVR record for that series.

  •  05 Sep 2009 20:18

Release Notes: 'Popular' and 'Highlights' TV and radio programmes are now tagged as categories. Use --category=popular or --category=highlights to use them. A longer description is extracted from BBC iPlayer metadata for info and metadata files. Support was dropped for rtmpdump versions older than 1.5. Invocation of flvstreamer, id3v2, vlc, ffmpeg, and mplayer was improved to avoid using the shell. A bug was fixed where unlink was called as a command when purging old recordings. The realaudio --wav and --raw modes on non-Unix platforms were fixed. A new automated installer was released. In PVR Manager, external commands use non-shell invocation if possible.

  •  26 Aug 2009 23:55

Release Notes: This release adds a --packagemanager=disable option for externally managed get_iplayer packages. It changes /etc/get_iplayer/options to /var/lib/get_iplayer/options as a default system-wide options file for *nix to comply with Linux FHS. It will give a warning if options exist in /etc/get_iplayer/options. A --metadataonly option has been added to retrieve program metadata without streaming or recording the program. Thumbnails can also be retrieved alone by using --thumbnail option with --metadataonly. The --metadata=xbmc_movie format has been added/improved. If --multimode is used, all modes are recorded in one invocation of get_iplayer.

  •  16 Aug 2009 23:42

Release Notes: This release adds a new 'flashstd' iPlayer TV mode (480kbps H.264 640x360). It changes the default TV modes to: iphone, flashhigh, flashstd, and flashnormal. It fixes thumbnails and Web URLs for liveradio and livetv. PVR Manager has tooltip help. Program types are displayed in a multi-row table for better readability. All user-definable fields sent to get_iplayer are URLencoded to improve security. A --listen option has been added for a listen address, which defaults to (and warns the user of insecure remote access capability if is not used). A script update feature has been added. A 'Queue' button has been added for each program.

  •  10 Jul 2009 05:44

Release Notes: The sislive realaudio CDN was added. Live streams now ignore history. Support was added for flvstreamer (1.8c) stop/start offsets using --rtmpstart and --rtmpstop. The --rtmpstop option can be used to limit the length of live RTMP timestamped streams. The --url option is now allowed to specify iPlayer short URLs. Thumbnail download, id3tagging, and command and download history logging are prevented if streaming only. All option names, not just the internal names, are allowed in option and preset files. Different speakers appear on new lines in subtitles. MP3/AAC mode now auto-detects for audio EMP URLs.


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