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  •  27 Jul 2005 03:30

Release Notes: Three new languages have been added. A bugfix concerning fancy line numbering has been applied.

  •  17 Jun 2005 08:02

Release Notes: This release a major bugfix release in the 1.0.X series. Four language files have been added, API documentation is now available, and automatic data path detection, fixes for premature header sending problems, and extra keywords for some languages are just some of the highlights.

Release Notes: HTML, Javascript, and PHP5 are now supported languages. A bug in the support of case insensitive keywords was fixed. Now every element of parsed code should have the correct name. (Changes were made to make it both easier and more reliable to name contexts.)

Release Notes: Email addresses and URLs in highlighted source code are automatically made into links. CSS support has been greatly improved, and a language file added for CSS (so you can try highlighting CSS files on the demo form). The get-keywords script has been improved with new options and now uses its own copy of the PEAR files it needs. Context naming support has been greatly improved, which will lead to an important optimisation in speed and RAM usage in the next build.

Release Notes: RAM usage was greatly reduced and speed was increased. This was brought about at the expense of namespace support. In addition, the get-keywords script gets a whole extra bunch of keywords for CSS, and some cruft code has been removed.

Release Notes: Due to a couple of minor bugfixes, CSS support has been greatly improved. Now all attributes are highlighted, more attribute values and symbols are supported, class and ID selectors are highlighted, and support for inline media has been added.

Release Notes: This is the first alpha release of GeSHi 1.1.0, the branch that will eventually become 1.2.0. The parser has been completely rewritten to be more flexible, stable, and extensible. Source files with mulitple languages in them (for example, PHP within HTML and CSS) can be highlighted correctly. An API is provided for you to access the parsed information and do what you like with it. For example, you could write a compiler or list the classes/functions inside.

Release Notes: New to this build is a partial fix to the encoding problems for the UTF-8 character set, and a new, smarter form of tab substitution for when using the GESHI_HEADER_DIV header, so tabs are replaced with the correct amount of spaces.

  •  29 Jan 2005 06:31

Release Notes: MPASM and Oracle 8 language files were added. A bug where not using an encoding type would sometime result in warnings was fixed, although there still seem to be issues with encoding. "margin: 0" was removed from >ol< in an attempt to make line numbers visible in IE again by default, though this is untested. load_from_file and get_language_name_from_extension methods were added, which can help automate file highlighting, though the extension array at this time is quite bare.

  •  03 Dec 2004 23:58

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs affecting stylesheet retrieval and versioning.


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