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Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix/enhancement release. It fixes date parsing (dd MMM yy format). It adds latitude/longitude filtering. There is a new download location.

Release Notes: This release added "unbuffered" output, verbosity levels, and improvements to the manual page. It fixed an issue with EasyGPS output, and provides some information about Wherigo caches.

Release Notes: This version removes "fun factor" support and addresses an issue triggered by HTML reformatting of "printable cache details" pages.

  •  06 Jan 2014 21:48

Release Notes: This is an interim release, before removing the "fun factor" fuctionality completely. Also, a few quirks have been addressed.

Release Notes: This release addresses a lot of reported issues and wishlist items not covered by 3.19.0. Most notable are improvements in handling PMO caches, cookies, and filters. Some new long options (which can be better abridged) have been added. A caveat for EasyName users: The "waypointLength" option has been renamed "-w" to make room for further enhancements. There's an emergency download mirror now since GoogleCode has announced it will shut down its own download services. Note that there are no individual download links given this time.

Release Notes: This release addresses a couple of minor issues affecting: date parsing; HTML entities in cache, owner, or finder names, and deprecated gpsbabel output formats. The Windows installer comes with Ruby 1.9.3 pre-packaged; otherwise, Ruby 1.9.1 or higher is required. Ruby 2.0 isn't officially supported yet. Please do not use pre-3.18 versions anymore.

Release Notes: This release features a large set of bugfixes and enhancements. Support for Ruby 1.8 has been dropped. This release uses UTF-8 throughout. The Google Geocode API v3 is used to resolve locations. Parsing patterns have been adjusted. A dictionary is used to translate cache IDs to GUIDs. Templates are modular and can be extended by the user. Premium Member Only caches are supported. There are some minor changes to make GeoToad more robust, and more will come as development hasn't stopped. There will be no separate "devel releases" anymore.

  •  04 Jul 2013 12:31

Release Notes: Two serious bugs were fixed, one obvious and one better hidden.

  •  26 Apr 2013 20:30

Release Notes: This stable version fixes GPX file corruption caused by the introduction of UTF-16-encoded characters, in particular "Emoji" (represented as surrogate pairs). Smileys in log entries are now converted back into their usual "BB" representation. A subtle bug affecting the TUI with automatic filename generation has been addressed. The Windows installer now comes with Ruby 1.9.3, in preparation of the Ruby version transition due in June (when support for 1.8.7 ends).

  •  30 Dec 2012 22:23

Release Notes: After some changes to the server, parsing of cache logs no longer worked. This bugfix release cures the issue, and irons out some minor quirks (log-less caches and whole countries).


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