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  •  26 Jan 2009 04:52

Release Notes: Curved labeling. Label wrapping. Support for hatched fills. An OGR WFS output extension. An improved DB2 extension. An HTML imagemap extension. Label support in the GeoExt styler extension.

  •  09 Dec 2008 10:45

Release Notes: KML Super Overlay and Regionating support, KML Extrude support, KML Reflector improvements, a Mac OS X installer, a Dutch translation, an improved style for the Web admin interface, a new SQL Server DataStore extension, an improved Oracle DataStore extension, and default templates per namespace.

Release Notes: The major developments are Xlink support for WFS 1.1 and a full implementation of WCS 1.1.1. This release is based on GeoTools 2.5.x.

  •  12 Feb 2008 10:45

Release Notes: WFS 1.1, WMS performance enhancements, security, the WFS Versioning Extension (experimental), WFS reprojection, KML Superoverlays, Templates, and general improvements, and GeoJSON and GeoRSS output formats.

Release Notes: Many improvements for this round. Google Earth now properly zooms to your data, and the output contains a number of bugfixes. There is support for 'component WMS', which allows GeoServer to render remote layers with styling defined on the fly. GeoJSON support has been updated to the latest draft, halos in labeling have been improved, and right to left languages are now supported on map rendering. Oracle Application Server now works properly, versioning is improved, and there are many more bugfixes.

Release Notes: The main focus of this release has been a number of performance improvements, mostly centered around rendering maps. Other improvements include fixes in reprojection in the WFS, with some of the WFS 1.1 work being backported to WFS 1.0. This allows things like digitizing on top of Yahoo! Maps and saving the points back to GeoServer, where it automatically puts it in the right projection for the dataset. The WFS datastore is also now fixed up. The GeoJSON implementation is now part of the standard distribution instead of a separate download.

  •  13 Aug 2007 14:47

Release Notes: This release closes over 80 bugs, and a few major features have been added. It has GeoRSS and GeoJSON support, and many Google Earth (KML) improvements. These include nicer default output, templates for customized output of placemark output, 'super-overlay' support, time visualization, and automatic legend generation. There is also paletted image generation for better speed with PNG8 and GIF output. Oracle spatial is substantially faster and fully implements transactional capabilities.

Release Notes: The biggest improvement is that the connection pool code has been swapped out to be more Java EE compliant, allowing use of JNDI configurations, and defaulting to DBCP. This gives much more control over number of connections and revalidation of lost connections. This release also has better logging options, giving users more options with levels and where the output goes. Reprojection in WFS is working again. There are integrated demos for Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, and Virtual Earth. dateTimes are working again. There are numerous small bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes full WFS 1.1 support, GeoRSS as a new output format, many KML improvements, including superoverlays (with the ability to reference a remote TileCache instance) and templated output, and a new integrated Google maps demo. It also integrates Acegi, a great security subsystem. The other big piece is versioning support in the WFS, so one can do history, diffs, and rollbacks on edited geographic features. There are a number of small improvements as well, including syntax highlighting in SLD editing and an improved preview window for sample requests.

Release Notes: This is the first release of the new WFS 1.1 capabilities that is accessible to general users. Improvements that come with WFS 1.1 include sorting, GML 3.1.1 support, and reprojection in the WFS. The WFS 1.1 is completely CITE compliant, along with WFS 1.0, WCS 1.0 and WMS 1.1.1. There have also been some core improvements to make it easier for developers to create new services, including a new request dispatching system. Though the release has been marked as alpha, it's only because some of the 1.5 pieces have not been ported over. The majority of this release should be quite stable.


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