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  •  04 Jun 2005 15:08

Release Notes: A bug with the overwrite confirmation dialog that made it crash on Solaris was fixed. A new mode that makes a command require a selection in order to run was added, which prevents using stdin and hanging. Dialogs can now be positioned by your window manager. A SelectShell command that (un)selects rows based on the result of running a shell command was added.

  •  31 Dec 2004 06:35

Release Notes: A Japanese translation has been added, a bug with boolean command options parsing when running localized has been fixed ("true" now works even in non-English locales), the Swedish translation has been tweaked a bit, the RenameRE command's window title has been made translatable, and an icon with matching File Type and Style definitions has been added for Python files.

  •  02 May 2004 07:43

Release Notes: Textviewer has better search, new keyboard accelerators, a resizable window, and a plugged memory leak when searching. Binary-check for file viewing tries a little bit less hard, which makes it better. Storing of selections in directory history is now optional. FAM-triggered directory rescanning now adjusts its maximum rate depending on how long each rescan actually takes, which saves CPU in many cases.

  •  09 Nov 2003 05:07

Release Notes: An untranslatable string problem was fixed. The Russian translation was updated. The behavior of the SelectRE command was tweaked to handle arguments in a friendlier manner. Incremental search was implemented for focusing.

  •  30 Oct 2003 03:39

Release Notes: A Russian translation was added, a problem with untranslatable strings in many command dialog buttons was fixed, and a duplicate string error in the Swedish translation was corrected.

  •  12 Oct 2003 07:09

Release Notes: A better directory copying algorithm is now used, which no longer deletes the existing destination directory. The program now tries to detect nesting when copying directories, and refuses to copy a parent to its child. The Click-M-Click "gesture" from DOpus was implemented. A couple of other minor things were changed.

  •  25 Aug 2002 07:44

Release Notes: New versions of autoconf and automake are now used, which should improve portability. Directory history handling was improved, and is now harder to fool when inodes get reused. Internationalization was improved by adding more strings to the .pot file. Vertical pane position handling and large file support were improved. Support was added for more modifiers to mouse bindings. Dialogs can be set to center on screen instead of always following the mouse. An official translation into Polish is included.

  •  22 Jun 2002 09:04

Release Notes: MkDir can now optionally focus a newly-created directory, Split can parse "20 kb" and DWYM, SelectRow can no longer select already-selected rows again, automounting has been vastly improved, SelectNone has been speeded up by a large amount for large selections, and the Information window layout has been improved. gentoo is now internally prepared to be internationalized.

  •  30 Apr 2002 06:32

Release Notes: This release fixed a crash-on-startup bug that occurred mainly on Cygwin. Window grouping has been improved, and a patch to improve mounting support under *BSD was applied. It also fixed SelectAll's tendency to mess up the selection counts if run repeatedly. Content handling for the size column was rewritten - it now replaces IQSize and add support for "ticks" every three digits.

  •  31 Mar 2002 19:23

Release Notes: Panes can now be oriented the other way around, giving two wide panes. SelectType now supports globs. There is tab completion in pane path entry widgets. A couple of minor bugs have been fixed in DirParent, Copy, and Rename.


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