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25 Oct 2010 14:58 emilbrink

I will stop announcing releases through comments here, it feels kind of redundant and a bit too easy to forget when doing a release.

Thanks to whoever updated gentoo's entry on Wikipedia with information about the 0.19.x series.

07 Oct 2010 07:23 emilbrink

Announce: gentoo 0.19.2
Last night, I released gentoo 0.19.2. It's a very minor bugfix release, hoping to aid folks who had trouble compiling 0.19.1 against the cutting edge of GTK+. Also snuck in a small new feature (the DpMaximize command). Enjoy.

03 Oct 2010 14:34 emilbrink

Announce: gentoo 0.19.1
Again, just a very brief note to ask users of gentoo to please consider upgrading to the new 0.19.x series. It relies on the GIO API:s for all file system access, which is awesome. This is a re-post, since the comment below has a rather confused view of which version it's talking about. Sorry.

03 Oct 2010 14:14 emilbrink

Announce: gentoo 0.15.1
Again, just a very brief note to ask users of gentoo to please consider upgrading to the new 0.19.x series. It relies on the GIO API:s for all file system access, which is awesome.

09 Mar 2009 07:53 emilbrink

Announce: gentoo 0.15.1
Just a note to ask all old users of gentoo to please upgrade to the new 0.15.x series. It even uses GTK+ 2, it's like living in the future! :)

27 Dec 2005 00:48 CooDy

Best of the best
I am an old user of gentoo, I do not remember exactly how long ago I installed it, but I have learned over and over again that there just isn't a replacement for the gentoo's adaptability (distro included ;) ). I use it for every imaginable file action - burning cds, encoding, decoding, ...

I have found that the best way to use gentoo is to combine it with bash scriots, they add all the power of linux scripting, while gentoo just passes parameters into scripts. This way you retain realiability and do not loose any functionality, since there still are a few glitches with gentoo and I wouldn't recommend it for a regular superuser usage. On the other hand, it is awesome for a casual user and I mean awesome - you really should try this.

The one thing that really bothers me with gentoo is the functionality of the mouse - I have written to the author a few times about it and he remains adamant that its just fine, well actually its ok, since gentoo is mainly set to be used with a keyboard, but I would prefer the other way :).

And let me just add: Thank you Emil, this is my favourite linux app :)

07 Dec 2005 02:31 ajaustin

Still the best file manager for me!
I love the Gentoo FM and have been using it for 3 years now. What I like most is being able to skip around with the arrow keys opening up textfiles and editing them AND going to a directory and pressing T to get a command prompt - wonderful! Clone, Link, Copy and Move too - brilliant!

Please, Emil, don't ever abandon this great FM, even the latest version of Nautilus hasn't tempted me away.

12 Nov 2005 11:17 Dmitry_T

Re: Gentoo is excellent!

> Selection is more or less GTK+ standard,

> which is reasonable in my opinion.

> Selecting things from a list with the

> left mouse button seems, again IMO, to

> be more or less world standard. Having

> been slightly exposed to Windows

> Commander recently, I kind of understand

> what you're saying, but I would never

> even had the thought otherwise. Don't

> expect this to change...


I want to configure it...

Selection in "FAR" and "Total Commander" very good!

16 Aug 2005 23:55 ghostcorps

Havn't even installed it and Im in love!
Ok, Id hate to sound to eagre.. but this looks awsome!!

I have recently moved to FreeBSD and use CTWM as my DM. So of course I want an FM. After much searching I started with MC: sexy though it is, it doesnt have enough functionality and konqueror is nice but far too many bells and whistles to be efficient. Seeing this has me fairly itching to get home.

I know it is exactly what I want [scratch] need.


05 Jun 2005 01:42 emilbrink

Re: Is not gentoo a linux Distribution

> Gentoo is a linux distribution. Is this

> software violating copyright.

No, it is not a violation. First, I used the name "gentoo" before the Gentoo Linux distribution exited; it's been the name of the application since 1998. Second, as soon as Gentoo Linux appeared, I wrote the founder and talked to him about it; we're cool. In the early days, there used to be a link from the front of to my page, even. :)

Btw, I run Gentoo Linux myself, it's the nicest distro I've tried so far. You can run gentoo on Gentoo and have both! :)


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