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Genson is a lightweight Java library for doing conversion between JSON and Java. It provides full databinding and Java generics support. Genson's main goals are to come with rich features out of the box, great performance and scalability, and easy ways to add new features.

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  •  17 Apr 2014 16:46

Release Notes: This release adds a full implementation of the JSR 353 Java API for JSON processing included in Java 8.

  •  10 Aug 2013 00:21

    Release Notes: Important bugfixes and an initial version of supporting/implementing JSR 353: JSON-P types support via a new bundle JSR353Bundle. A bugfix in the JsonReader skipValue method. A bug when using BeanViews, introduced after some refactoring in version 0.95, has been fixed.

    •  11 Jun 2013 08:33

      Release Notes: A bug where the jax-rs integration bodywriter was closing the output stream was fixed. Streams should be closed by the same code that owns them. This has no impact in most cases.

      •  03 Jun 2013 20:58

        Release Notes: This release adds an important bugfix related to generics getting mixed in the internal cache. Users are highly encouraged to upgrade to this new version.

        •  22 May 2013 17:24

          Release Notes: This release adds JAXB support and contextual converters.


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