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genroms is a utility meant to aid in generating ROM files for arcade machines or emulators. You pass it in a standard Intel Hex File (.IHX) along with a description of the ROM layout in memory (.ROMS), and it will generate the ROM files as specified in the ROM layout file. It is primarily meant to help people that are trying to write programs for arcade machines, or for circumstances where the ROM layout may be strange or non-contiguous.


Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2004 07:00

    Release Notes: A bug was tracked down and removed pertaining to addressing of the first byte in certain ROM configurations. The bug caused incorrect data to be stored in the ROM files, in wrong locations.

    •  14 Jun 2004 07:58

      Release Notes: Patch functionality in which a set of ROMs are loaded in before the .ihx file is parsed was added. This enables the easy patching of existing ROM files. More statistical information is output at runtime.

      •  13 Jan 2004 06:36

        Release Notes: The "-patch" option was added so that ROM images can be backfilled with other ROMs first. This allows very small patches to be applied to existing ROMsets.

        •  09 Jan 2004 10:40

          Release Notes: This version adds a -list option to list out all of the ROMs in the "program" group to aid in Makefile automation.

          •  06 Mar 2003 06:19

            Release Notes: This version improves the output from processing to be a bit more informative. The documentation has also been updated slightly.


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