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  •  26 Nov 2008 15:21

    Release Notes: This release includes a move from Qt3 to the Qt4 library and a significant bugfix for using more than 16 stops simultaneously. There are other minor improvements to the GUI layout. Note that colors in .org files should now be specified using SVG-compliant names.

    •  14 May 2008 14:32

    Release Notes: One bug was fixed where unexpected MIDI Program Change events from an external source were causing a crash. Also, notice that the source is licensed under the GPL 3 now appears in all source files, so packaging for distributions should now be possible.

    •  26 Aug 2007 07:15

    Release Notes: This release brings one major improvement: GENPO can now provide up to 32 channels of output (i.e. simultaneous stops pulled) if your setup can handle that. There were many other minor improvements throughout the code. The license was changed to GPL v3. No changes were made to the .org DTD/file syntax, so the reference organ still has a version number of 0.9.5.

    •  20 Apr 2007 12:00

    Release Notes: This is a major release with a mixture of fixes, enhancements and one significant new feature. Toe Pistons (whole organ combinations) have been added and the .org specification has been extended accordingly. Also, 'Division' and 'Piston' are now preferred names for 'Manual' and 'Preset'. For now the old names are merely deprecated: existing .org files will continue to work for some time yet. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

    •  29 Mar 2007 12:21

    Release Notes: This release is aimed at improving usability a little, and one requested feature has been added. The main changes are the addition of --singlestop mode, and an --outport= option that directs output to a specified ALSA device. There are also minor performance and build improvements.

    •  20 Mar 2007 05:31

    Release Notes: This release contains a critical fix for users of GCC version 4 and up. You must use this version if you are trying to build with GCC 4. There are also major improvements to the (re)loading of organ definitions. More redundant code was removed.

    •  15 Jun 2004 11:22

    Release Notes: A --verbose mode has been added so that you can see more internals. A General MIDI organ has been added to the organs directory. The reference organ ( has been updated. The ALSA port names are a little better. There were some other minor code cleanups.

    •  02 Feb 2004 16:01

    Release Notes: This release contains Sub- and Super-Octave Couplers, better window resizing, and a new build script to catch common errors. Bug 874374 has been fixed (ignore wild program change messages). The following features were added in the (withdrawn) 0.7 release and are incorporated here: MIDI keyboard controlled Presets/Pistons and Swell/Expression pedal support.

    •  27 Dec 2003 18:43

    Release Notes: This release adds support for keyboard presets (MIDI Program Changes) and Swell or Expression pedals. There is now a very useful organ framework. A number of sample organ definitions are located in the "organs" subdirectory, but you'll have to find the associated sound fonts on the Web.

    •  04 Aug 2003 03:01

    Release Notes: Some features were added to support cinema/theatre organs, and some general usability enhancements were made. When coloring stops, you can now color whole ranks or individual stops. The <manualColour> and <stopColour> elements can be used to control coloring. .org files passed to genpo are now loaded on startup. MAX_MANUALS was increased to 8 (for very big organs). The default keyboard accelerators can be disabled adding an acceleratorStyle of None to the organ header.


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