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  •  02 Apr 2013 18:11

Release Notes: This version adds support for Haml and Sass.

  •  30 Mar 2013 06:05

Release Notes: This release improves the project folder structure, which leads to faster compilation and reduced size on disk. Genit is now HTML 5 only. It provides a Web server for development. The config file is no longer a hidden file. All CSS templates were removed. An error message is now displayed if the main template is malformed.

  •  02 Oct 2011 16:38

Release Notes: Genit creates a sitemap.xml file. It puts nicer error messages. It puts a warning message when a here tag is used without its counterpart. The version is added to the .genit file.

  •  25 Sep 2011 17:37

Release Notes: Genit creates an RSS feed for your news articles.

  •  04 Sep 2011 18:25

Release Notes: You can add news to your site with ease. The tag 'var' does not exist anymore. It is replaced by the two-part tag 'here' & 'what'. Put your public files (photo, text, PDF, etc.) in the 'public' folder. Put your JavaScript in the 'scripts' folder. Relative links should be written relative to the root (the index.hmtl file). There is a new '--empty' switch for the 'create' command. There is a new '--doctype' option for the 'create' command. This release fixes bug #38: named anchor crashes the compiler.

  •  06 Aug 2011 21:11

Release Notes: You can now pass string variables from a page to the template. Pages can be organized into subfolders. A bug where the CLI option -v crashed was fixed.

  •  30 Jul 2011 18:45

Release Notes: A bug where the closing part of auto-closing tags were forgotten was fixed.

  •  25 Jul 2011 22:25

Release Notes: This is mostly an internal maintenance release. It adds a better smoke test and some basic user documentation. It uses a simple project file and clamp as the command line framework. You can find the documentation on the project wiki.

  •  23 Jul 2011 20:17

Release Notes: Given the DRY principle, you can split a page in a multitude of fragments. Fragments are written in HTML or markdown.

  •  02 Jul 2011 18:18

Release Notes: With this release you can globally style your site and manage a main menu.


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