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  •  18 Apr 2004 07:25

Release Notes: The issuers rating system has been updated to enable creating a HOURS-like private currency. GnuPG passphrase caching has been added. Downloading keys from a keyserver has been added. A bug with false counterfeit reporting has been fixed. The documentation has been updated.

  •  09 Apr 2004 13:46

Release Notes: Private community currencies support has been added. A bug with unique Geek Credit ID generation has been fixed. System simulation scripts have been added. Minor documentation updates have been made.

  •  04 Apr 2004 13:51

Release Notes: Counterfeit source detection code was added. Major documentation changes were made. More verbose errors and counterfeit-related messages were added to the GUI and command line tool. A minor GUI bug was fixed.

  •  27 Mar 2004 08:59

Release Notes: Extra signature checks have been added. The Geek Credit file format has been changed to use SHA1 hashes instead of MD5. Optional secure temporary files support from Python 2.3 has been added. Documentation has been updated. The configuration file format has been changed. The employer copyright waiver has been added to the source as suggested by the GPL.


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