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Release Notes: This is a roll-up release for the past 10 months of gEDA/gaf development. Changes include magnetic net mode, improved object selection, better color handling, support for arbitrary filled and unfilled paths, vastly better looking graphics and text rendering thanks to Cairo, a brand new build system, many user interface usability improvements, a few new gnetlist backends, a large number of bugfixes, and a lot of code cleanup.

Release Notes: This release features a brand new build system, text rendering in gschem using native system fonts, image rendering using cairo, usability improvements to the attribute and multi-attribute editor dialog boxes, lots of code refactoring and clean up, and the usual slew of bugfixes.

Release Notes: This development snapshot includes the addition of a magnetic net mode to gschem, gnetlist regression test improvements, additional gsymcheck tests, translation updates, a lot of code cleanup, and the usual slew of bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release is the third major stable release for gEDA/gaf and rolls up the last five months of development. Changes include lots of usability improvements, better desktop integration, internationalization of libgeda, improved component library handling and dialog box, a bunch of new gsymcheck tests, gschem rendering speedups and improvements, lots of code cleanup, and the usual slew of bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release rolls up the various feature additions, code cleanup, and bugfixes that have occurred over the past 2 months. Major highlights include a greatly improved component selection dialog box, a new component library mechanism, a non-modal multi-attribute dialog box, status bar improvements, EPS support, and the usual large amount of bugfixes.

Release Notes: This development snapshot includes improvements to the component place dialog box, the ability to read symbols from different kinds of sources, a mechanism to persist the position and size of dialog boxes, gschem usability improvements, EPS output, a couple new gnetlist backends, and the usual slew of bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes a new component selection dialog box, the return of the preview widget to the file selectors, support for cygwin, auto titleblock when creating new schematic pages, print dialog box improvements, support for using libgd instead of the libgdgeda, various usability improvements, and some bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes schematic backup and autosaving, a new "L" net drawing mode, improved PNG export, new file selection dialog boxes (when using at least GTK+ 2.4.x), embedded picture support, spice-sdb backend improvements, and many bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release contains numerous reimplemented dialog boxes including the multi attribute editor, page manager, and the refdes autonumber dialog boxes. This release also features proper Unicode support in schematics, picture support, several new and updated translations, various gnetlist backend improvements, greatly improved rc loading support, significant code cleanup and refactoring, and the usual bugfixes.

Release Notes: The changes in this release include multi-line text support in libgeda/gschem, sch/sym file format improvements, gEDA Suite setup improvements, gManager feature additions, lots of documentation improved and added, gsch2pcb and the spice-sdb netlister updated to the latest versions, and the usual bugfixes.


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