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GDXlib is a graphical X tool kit for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs). It works on many Unix and Unix-like platforms. The goal is to make programming and development of GUIs simple and fast. It is a C-based architecture.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Apr 2005 14:57

    Release Notes: gdx_imageupdate and gdx_hlineroot were added.

    •  03 Feb 2005 16:12

      Release Notes: This is a goal release. gdx_window() was cleaned up and stabilized. A pen error for 8-bit displays was fixed. gdx_label() widget was completely reworked. gdx_setlabelbg() was added.

      •  26 Jan 2005 17:54

        Release Notes: Text based widget memory was expanded. focused text entries are now highlighted. The gdx_imagebutton(), gdx_image(), gdx_menu(), gdx_menubar(), gdx_menuitem(), and gdx_settextentry() functions were added. gdx_set_button_color() was renamed to gdx_setbuttoncolor(). GDX_event was created. A major text entry bug was fixed. Forgotten trouble-shooting code was removed.

        •  06 Dec 2004 21:55

          Release Notes: Button pens, button return, and the gdx_set_button_color function have been added. An install file has been added to the package. gdx_selectlist with row and column options is complete. Password type has been added to gdx_textentry Tiling of background images/format change for gdx_setwindowbg(). Test2.c has been expanded for better testing. The text entry widget is now working. A light button widget has been added. A pie widget has been added.

          •  05 Nov 2004 21:44

            Release Notes: Existing GPacal functions have been converted to C base functions. Additional widget structures and a callback structure have been created, and widget focus added. The folowing functions were added: x_slistwindow, gdx_frame, gdx_button, gdx_label, gdx_hseparator, gdx_vseparator, gdx_frame, gdx_window, gdx_label, gdx_main, gdx_setwindowbg, gdx_closewindow, and gdx_selectlist. The gdx_textentry function has been started.


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