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Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with bugfixes for realtime messaging, Spring support, and the JMF serialization format.

Release Notes: This release, beside minor bug fixes, comes with a new Eclipse plugin for generating JavaFX/Java/Android beans from a JPA data model.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and improvements are available with this release. New features include Hibernate 4.1, JBoss 7, and Jetty 7 support, file deletion/renaming handling in the Eclipse code generation plugin, and bean validation for DTOs.

Release Notes: This version is mainly a bufix release after the 2.3.1.GA, but also features some minor improvements.

Release Notes: The main enhancements in this release are Guice/Warp services and a sample application, full compatibility with Flex3 beta3, and fixes for problems where Gravity (GDS push feature) didn't compile and Authentication error handling didn't work.

Release Notes: This release brings new features as well as important bugfixes.


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Granite Data Services

An event-driven, cross-framework, application client container.