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  •  10 Jan 2009 01:18

Release Notes: This release updates the GDML schema to include descriptions for parameterized volume types. It adds elliptical cone and the handling of variables in loops to the schema. Obsolete I/O modules and related configuration/build setup have been removed.

  •  19 Sep 2007 10:31

Release Notes: The reflection handler has been reimplemented. Extruded solid has been added. Vertex referencing in tessellated solids has been fixed.

  •  16 Mar 2007 22:19

Release Notes: The 'loop' machinery was improved so that any volume can be used in a loop. An installation script was added along with support for 'auxiliary' volume information. A 'SimpleExtension' example that shows how to extend GDML with custom elements was added. The obsolete PyGDML package was removed.

  •  24 Jul 2006 16:35

Release Notes: This release adds support for tessellated solids and tetrahedra. It adds a STEPWriter to GDML converter. There are minor bugfixes.


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