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PG Diagram

PG Diagram is a little tool for drawing on the Palm. P(alm|ilot) GPL Diagram was renamed from GNU Diagram due to comments in freshmeat.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2001 00:24

    Release Notes: The UI has been improved.

    •  29 Nov 2001 12:05

      Release Notes: The capability to delete diagrams has been added. Some improvements have also been made to UI behaviour.

      •  28 Nov 2001 14:07

        Release Notes: This version includes an initial implementation of loading and saving of diagrams (the UI needs improvement). It also includes some bug fixes.

        •  22 Aug 2001 18:32

          Release Notes: Basic (and buggy) arrow support has been added. More work on the database code has been done.

          •  16 Aug 2001 16:31

            Release Notes: Figure resize capablity was added. Many minor improvements were made. Initial code for database support was added.

            Recent comments

            09 Aug 2001 23:54 ntk

            best not to use "GNU" in the title
            From Keyring (ex GNU Keyring for Palm)'s homepage (

            The Free Software Foundation has a policy that software bearing the ``GNU'' brand should, amongst other things, run on at least one free computer system. PalmOS, though a fine technical achievement, is not free.

            Looks interesting though, whatever the name!

            08 Aug 2001 12:21 egnor

            Confusing name?
            There already exists a GNOME desktop diagram tool called 'Dia'. Calling your independent project 'gdia' (or even 'Diagram') is likely to generate confusion. I suggest you pick a different name, ideally one which highlights the fact that your software runs on the Palm.


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