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GDC is a utility to calculate compressible flow (Gas Dynamics Calculator). It provides calculations for isentropic nozzle, isothermal nozzle, isothermal, Fanno (choke and unchoked), Rayleigh flow, etc. It also provide calculations for shock and oblique shock by direct calculations (no iteration, probably the only one that can do it). GDC also calculates shock dynamics, i.e gas running into a different medium with different speed. The result are in plain text, LaTeX, or a range of values.

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Recent releases

  •  25 Jan 2008 18:35

    Release Notes: This release builds a new utility named obliqueFigure to generate oblique shock figures. Range calculations have been improved so that larger and more details can be provided. The "Naughty Professor" calculations have been improved. Some bugs in the oblique shock class have been fixed.

    •  25 Sep 2007 07:50

      Release Notes: An option to present the results in HTML format was added along with an option to obtain results for both branches. Calculation of Fanno Flow for many unchoked flows was added. Some parts of the compressible flow and isothermal flow classes were fixed. The interface has seen major changes.

      •  06 Dec 2006 21:14

        Release Notes: This release adds the option to calculate the shock location for Fanno Flow when the pipe exceeds the "maximum'' length. The results of the above calculation can also provide the iterations details (good for students to show how their work was carried out). This release includes calculation of Mach as the results of piston movement. It has some parts of the compressible flow class "whatInfo" variable/problem.

        •  30 Oct 2006 18:39

          Release Notes: The LaTeX output has been changed so that one source can produce online and hard copies at the same time (via html.sty) to accommodate the online version of the book (check gas dynamics tables produced by one source). The long tables have been fixed for shock, P-M Function, etc. The ability to calculate the shock based on shock velocity has been added. Some parts of the compressible flow class have been cleaned up.

          •  21 Oct 2006 04:56

            Release Notes: Shock dynamics of partially open valves were added. Table generation to maximum valves was fixed and is working, but not finished. Some parts of the shock dynamics class were cleaned up and several bugs were fixed.


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