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  •  03 Aug 2010 22:41

    Release Notes: Statistics can be generated for a collection. A new Chinese (traditional) translation has been added. There is a new collection: Smart cards. A button has been added to items, which refreshes the current item's details from the Web page it was originally fetched from. Many new skins have been added and some skins have been remade. There is a new plugin to export to an external disk. It is useful to copy a collection for GCstar Viewer on Android. The DVDFr plugin (Movies - FR) now supports searching by EAN, and can directly be used with a barcode scanner.

    •  20 Nov 2009 19:29

      Release Notes: The new features in this release are the ones from 1.5.0.beta1. Many bugs were fixed for the picture mode. Improvements were made in filtering and sorting.

      •  21 Jul 2009 00:47

      Release Notes: New kind of collections have been added: Stamps, Periodicals, and Mini vehicles. Items can be grouped in picture mode as in detailed mode. User filters can be added to the toolbar. Users can choose for each field from which sites information should be fetched and in which order. A right-click on the "Fetch information" button displays a menu to change the mode. Many improvements have been made in the plugin to import information from a folder. New plugins to fetch information from Websites are delivered. Data corruption in collections should not occur anymore.

      •  12 Oct 2008 13:58

      Release Notes: A Dutch translation has been added. Performance for plugins fetching data was improved. The Discogs plugin (Music - EN) supports searches using an artist or a label. Shortcuts can also be defined on saved searches. Bugs in image mode were fixed.

      •  29 Aug 2008 17:00

      Release Notes: More plugins now use big pictures if the option is checked. GCstar now imports identifier and media labels from movies collections created with Ant Movie Catalog. There are new plugins to fetch information from Web sites: nooSFere (Books -- FR) and TheLegacy (Video games -- DE). The following problems have been fixed: a rating was sometimes lost when displayed with stars, problems occurred with the commandline, the title when opening items in windows was not updated, and the title in the list was incorrect for some collections when modifying many items together.

      •  21 Jul 2008 10:51

      Release Notes: A plugin to import collections from MyMovies has been added. Some translations were missing for Greek and Polish. Music collections were corrupted. Export plugins had problems with pictures without suffixes. The option to fetch big pictures from Web sites was hidden on Windows systems. A bug has been fixed in image mode when updating an item and filtering.

      •  30 May 2008 09:04

      Release Notes: Default models can be modified through the graphical user interface to add some user-defined fields. Greek, Hungarian, and Ukrainian translations were added. There is a new default model to manage episodes of TV shows. A user can choose what controls are shown in the toolbar and their order. User can save an advanced search or the current one to create a filter. New plugins to fetch information from Web sites have been added. The interface has been improved.

      •  25 Jan 2008 13:36

      Release Notes: A Galician translation has been added. There is a new plugin to fetch information from Discogs, and a new template for HTML export, Float ( for movies). Rating is fetched from IMDb. Empty fields are not fetched from Web sites. Some bugs have been fixed.

      •  11 Dec 2007 04:03

      Release Notes: New plugins were added for fetching information from Web sites. A bug when modifying a picture from a window was fixed. The read field is now initialized to 'not read' for books. The XML export plugin fixed. The spelling checker is now deactivated if a dictionary is not found.

      •  19 Nov 2007 10:00

      Release Notes: Multiple selection is enabled for items in a list, as well as for the results of information fetching. Image mode has been improved to offer a better display and some effects. Board games collections have been added. A spell checker is available.


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