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GNOME Clipboard Manager (GCM) makes copying and pasting easier and more productive. It will automatically synchronize the mouse selection (the primary selection) with the clipboard (the clipboard selection) and store the contents of the clipboard, making it possible to go back to a previous clipboard. You can save and load clipboards, edit them, and convert them to another format.

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Release Notes: Major feature enhancements and major bugfixes in all areas.

Release Notes: Major feature enhancements and major bugfixes in all areas.

Release Notes: This release has converting of rich text to HTML targets, some extra tools (open clipboard in browser), and bugfixes (gcmapplet).

Release Notes: This release adds a library for controlling gcm, makes gcm pluggable, and adds documentation fixes.

Release Notes: Support for multiple targets, menus and accelerator fixes, HTML preview of the text/html target using LibGtkHtml-2.0, documentation fixes, and fixes for searching/replacing target-data.

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15 Mar 2004 09:16 wmcase Thumbs up

Love gcm - clipboard manager

When I try to configure gcmapplet2.03 I get can't find libgcm, yet I have installed libgcm.

22 Oct 2002 04:19 freaxje

The 2.0.2 release
The 2.0.2 release changes the scope of the project a bit. Two new core components are introduced and the main component is now a hidden deamon. The other components can make the deamon show it's UserInterface.

Libgcm is the library for controlling the deamon and gcmapplet is a sample PanelApplet that uses libgcm.

GNOME Clipboard Manager is also pluggable from now on.

Other changes include, of course, bugfixes, HIG fixes, automake fixes, fixes in the CVS (deleted some files), and Documentation fixes.

25 Sep 2002 12:06 freaxje

I released Gnome Clipboard Manager 2.0 for Gnome 2.0 desktops. This release is actually a new application if you compare it to gcm2 1.0 so the module in CVS and the name have been changed to gcm-2. Gcm-2 is Gnome 2.0 only. So you need a Gnome 2.0 desktop environment in order to run and use Gnome Clipboard Manager 2.0 for Gnome 2.0 desktops.

The one major improvement vs 1.0 is the support for multiple targets.

09 Aug 2002 12:23 freaxje

Version 1.0

I released 1.0 (yesterday)

There are also RPM packages available (checkout the sourceforge project page)

03 May 2002 04:59 freaxje

The GNOME 2.0 port compiles

The GNOME 2.0 port of Gnome Clipboard Manager compiles since yesterday. The only issues left are the Search/Replace feature which is not working anymore and the PanelApplet support which is by default leftout at this moment (Use -DAPPLET to tryout what already works)

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gcm.sour...:/cvsroot/gcm login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gcm.sour...:/cvsroot/gcm co -P gcm2


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