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Client-side GChart is a pure-GWT client-side charting solution. It does not require browser plugins, external JavaScript, or server round-trips. The package supports bar, line, and pie charts, custom ticks, left and right y axes, grid-lines, annotated data points, pop-ups, click events, and more.

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Security breach has been dealt with 14 Jun 2010

The security breach that caused me to repudiate the original Client-side GChart project has been addressed by releasing a new version, GChart 2.7, ...

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  •  13 Jun 2010 23:48

    Release Notes: This release makes it easier to create charts with interactive features like mouse-driven pan and zoom. Bezier smoothed curves are now also possible. It has rrelocated to a new Google Code project. The move was part of a response to a security breach in which the project-administering laptop was rootkitted. For details on how the security of the new project and its releases has been improved, see the release notes.

    •  22 Jul 2009 01:55

    Release Notes: This release brings GChart into compliance with GWT's new approach to handling events. Specifically, GChart now implements HasClickHandlers instead of SourcesClickEvents. It also contains several bugfixes.

    •  01 Jul 2009 09:01

    Release Notes: This version adds a GWT canvas rendering option for sharper, faster, alpha-transparent, pie, line, and area charts. Additional features include easier-to-print charts, inside/outside/centered ticks, improved plot-area clipping, and faster single-curve updates.

    •  13 Feb 2009 08:00

    Release Notes: As illustrated by the live demo's "LayZLine Chart Editor", the new getMouseCoordinate method can be used to add points to a chart at the position where the user clicked. The closely related clientToModel and modelToClient methods let you convert between client-window pixel coordinates and the model coordinates associated with any chart axis. There's also a method to change GChart's default curve colors. Several bugs were fixed.

    •  28 Jan 2009 09:03

      Release Notes: GChart now tracks mouse activities over the chart, and selects points, displays pop-ups, and fires off click events accordingly. The updated live demo illustrates all of these new features.


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