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Client-side GChart

Client-side GChart is a pure-GWT client-side charting solution. It does not require browser plugins, external JavaScript, or server round-trips. The package supports bar, line, and pie charts, custom ticks, left and right y axes, grid-lines, annotated data points, pop-ups, click events, and more.

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Last announcement

Security breach has been dealt with 14 Jun 2010 00:11

The security breach that caused me to repudiate the original Client-side GChart project has been addressed by releasing a new version, GChart 2.7, in a new Google Code project. See the GChart 2.7 release notes for more information on things I've changed to prevent future breaches. Though bugs and security breaches are very differrent (the bugs, after all, are not concious agents, though sometimes it feels that way) they have one thing in common: they limit your ability to trust a product. I want you to know that I'm determined to devote the same attention to securing the project and its releases going forward as I have to keeping bugs out of it in the past. Sincerely, John C. Gunther.

Recent releases

  •  13 Jun 2010 23:29

    Release Notes: This release makes it easier to create charts with interactive features like mouse-driven pan and zoom. Bezier smoothed curves are now also possible. It has rrelocated to a new Google Code project. The move was part of a response to a security breach in which the project-administering laptop was rootkitted. For details on how the security of the new project and its releases has been improved, see the release notes.

    •  21 Jul 2009 22:33

      Release Notes: This release brings GChart into compliance with GWT's new approach to handling events. Specifically, GChart now implements HasClickHandlers instead of SourcesClickEvents. It also contains several bugfixes.

      •  30 Jun 2009 22:43

        Release Notes: This version adds a GWT canvas rendering option for sharper, faster, alpha-transparent, pie, line, and area charts. Additional features include easier-to-print charts, inside/outside/centered ticks, improved plot-area clipping, and faster single-curve updates.

        •  13 Feb 2009 08:00

          Release Notes: As illustrated by the live demo's "LayZLine Chart Editor", the new getMouseCoordinate method can be used to add points to a chart at the position where the user clicked. The closely related clientToModel and modelToClient methods let you convert between client-window pixel coordinates and the model coordinates associated with any chart axis. There's also a method to change GChart's default curve colors. Several bugs were fixed.

          •  28 Jan 2009 09:03

            Release Notes: GChart now tracks mouse activities over the chart, and selects points, displays pop-ups, and fires off click events accordingly. The updated live demo illustrates all of these new features.


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