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  •  19 Nov 2002 22:05

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  15 Aug 2002 17:30

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of C++ ABI issues, which makes the binary code it generates not compatible with code generated with earlier versions of the GCC C++ compiler. It now conforms to the multi-vendor C++ ABI standard. It also fixes an x86-64 bad code generation bug.

  •  26 Jul 2002 20:44

    Release Notes: A bug related to how structures and unions are returned has been fixed for powerpc-*-netbsd*. An important bug in the implementation of -fprefetch-loop-arrays has been fixed. Previously the optimization prefetched random blocks of memory for most targets except for i386. The Java compiler now compiles Java programs much faster and also works with parallel make. Nested functions have been fixed for mips*-*-netbsd*. Some missing floating point support routines have also been added for mips*-*-netbsd*.

    •  16 May 2002 03:55

    Release Notes: This release includes general optimizer improvements, and a few more ISO C99 features. The preprocessor is now 10-50% faster than the preprocessor in GCC 3.0, and an Ada frontend was added.

    •  21 Feb 2002 04:56

    Release Notes: GCC now supports newer versions of the NetBSD operating system, which use the ELF object file format. On x86 processors correct debugging information is generated from functions that have lines from multiple files (e.g. yacc output). A fix for whitespace handling in the -traditional preprocessor was made, which can affect Fortran Fixes to the exception handling runtime. There are more fixes for bad code generation in C++, a fix for shared library generation under AIX 4.3 Port of GCC to Tensilica's Xtensa processor contributed, and a fix for compiling the PPC Linux kernel (FAT fs wouldn't link).

    •  22 Dec 2001 14:03

      Release Notes: This release fixes an accidental change to the PowerPC ABI, bad code generation on a variety of architectures, bad code generation in C++, crashes in the C++ demangler, and buffer overflows caused by the C++ standard library. It adds improvements to the debugging information generated for C++ classes and miscellaneous improvements for a variety of architectures.

      •  25 Oct 2001 16:34

      Release Notes: Fixes for bad code generation during loop unrolling and bad code generation by the sibling call optimization, improved x86 code generation, and function descriptors in C++ vtables for IA64.

      •  21 Aug 2001 02:24

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  18 Jun 2001 10:12

      Release Notes: This version features IA-64 support, g++ feature enhancements, Java support enhancements, more ISO C99 features, new target architectures, documentation improvements, and much more.

      •  16 Mar 2001 18:13

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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      Protocol Buffers for R6RS Scheme.


      Project Spotlight

      Ada EL

      A library which implements an expression language similar to JSP and JSF.