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gbRRDGraphix is a graphical user interface that allows one to use RRDTool commands and "flow-tools" Netflow utilities easily. The project includes a scheduler to update the RRDTool database and a complete Web site to display all RRDtool graphics.

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  •  29 Jul 2010 07:14

Release Notes: A new panel was added for analyzing all Netflow data and producing reports. Speed and ergonomics were improved. The stability of the 'gbUpdated' scheduler was improved when under high load. Script support was added as source of data in the GUI and the scheduler.

  •  26 Nov 2009 15:02

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in "gbrrdgraphix" and "gbUpdated". A bug was fixed in the graphic creation panel and database creation panel. A bug concerning all drag and drop procedures was fixed. A date event was added on the miniweb server for "gbStatud".

    •  23 Nov 2009 04:37

    Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed. Graphical Interface performance has been increased. Some panels were added to rename and search on database and graphics files.

    •  13 Oct 2009 14:49

      Release Notes: This release is more stable and adds a Netflow panel to control and manage Flow-tools utilities and produce RRDtool graphics.


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      Display of images using escape codes.


      Project Spotlight

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