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gbox_applet is a GNOME applet which monitors several mbox-type mailbox files. Each mailbox can be assigned to a priority between 0 and 2 and it can have its own time interval for checking. For each priority there is a different icon. gbox can also count the mail in the boxes and show the subject/sender of each mail in the applet's menu. A tooltip shows a summary of the information in three different kinds.


Recent releases

  •  22 Sep 2002 13:40

    Release Notes: Bugfixes were made. A little GNOME application with almost the same functionality as the applet was added.

    •  21 Nov 2000 14:31

      Release Notes: Icon display was optimized. 'Subject' and 'From' fields using the iso8859-x encoding are now decoded properly. A handler was added for SIGUSR1 to toggle the tooltip. The mail count function was rewritten and should be much faster.

      •  26 May 2000 19:17

        Release Notes: Bug fixes were made in the count_mails function, an icon was added, and the .spec file was upgraded.

        •  25 May 2000 11:44

          Release Notes: Version 0.6.0 uses the new api of gdk-pixbuf (>= 0.7.0). Other changes include added etched in shadow, some fixes for counting mails, fixes for the menu, an update of german translation, fixed update of icon, and new icons for very small panels.

          •  08 Mar 2000 17:44

            Release Notes: Use of gdk-pixbuf, and fixes for some icon update problems and a bug with not finding the pixmap files.


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