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  •  24 Jul 2003 14:36

Release Notes: Internationalization has been fixed and gbiff2 should now handle any language properly; furthermore, a German translation is now available. Some minor bugs were fixed (mainly concerning IMAP4 protocol) and brand new icons have been made for this release.

  •  24 Apr 2002 10:43

Release Notes: The popup window once again has window decorations. Support for the APOP protocol was added. A bug in the GTK style management was fixed. A bug in IMAP4 was fixed. The missing logo.xpm file in RPM distributions was fixed. A bug in mail application saving was fixed. A bug in pixmap handling was fixed. A bug in window management was fixed.

  •  23 Mar 2001 15:00

Release Notes: This release adds a major bugfix related to mh-style maildirs, and minor bugfixes related to the POP3 protocol, font selection, and memory leaks.


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