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GNOME Basic is an attempt to provide a 100% compatible replacement for Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, and other associated languages. It was originaly focused at making VBA macros work inside gnumeric, but due to scope slippage it executes some forms, parses most VB, and executes simple ASPs. With better Bonobo integration, a fully compatible MS environment will become feasible.


Recent releases

  •  01 Aug 2002 21:53

    Release Notes: This release adds grammar/lexer/internals fixes, form work (MaxButton, MinButton, ShowInTaskbar, BorderStyle, LinkTopic, StartupPosition), menu fixes, a handle control box, add shapes support, FormItem work, file handling updates, a print statement, and leak fixes.

    •  13 Mar 2001 15:38

      Release Notes: This release includes control arrays, form work, lots more grammar and parser extension, date fixes, With & Erase statements, and Environ fn.

      •  29 Dec 2000 01:44

        Release Notes: Redim, For Each, UBound, LBound, and 'Exit' have been implemented, Declare is now parsed, faster function description parsing is performed, Option support has been added, and lots of bugs have been fixed.

        •  27 Nov 2000 20:59

          Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; it includes implementations of CallByName, Eval, and Execute, improved project logic, and evilly hacked-up ASP support.

          Recent comments

          23 Apr 2003 14:03 DrV

          Re: Hmm

          > Could someone please explain to me why
          > such a horrible/pointless language is
          > being ported to Linux? It's nowhere
          > near as powerful as C or Perl. Why do
          > we need such a primitive scripting
          > language like basic when we have
          > languages such as Perl? Pretty soon I
          > bet this will be included with Helix
          > GNOME and as many users use GNOME
          > because it is so "easy to use" they will
          > probably have this installed. What's
          > next? Evolution will run VB scripts
          > with GB if a user tries to open a vb
          > script that is an attachment? I think
          > this brings us one step closer to
          > Windows...

          First, Visual Basic, is not horrible, nor is it pointless. It is a very useful and powerful language. It is also not a primitive scripting language. Recent versions of Visual Basic can compile to machine code just like C or C++. Yes, it has a runtime, but that's not a big deal; it's only a few 100k.

          It's useful for things beyond screenpainting and database front-ends. I use it to write games and multimedia applications. It might not be quite as fast as a traditional language like C++, but it's fast enough for me. The code format is much nicer in my opinion than C or C++; I can't stand all that punctuation. English is a wonderful language, so why don't we make the most of it? And it is easy to use, as is Windows. If Linux is to become successful on the desktop, it must replicate the features and ease of use of other platforms, particularly Windows. Have you ever used VB?

          12 Apr 2001 18:04 neiltrodden

          Re: Hmm

          > Could someone please explain to me why
          > such a horrible/pointless language is
          > being ported to Linux? It's nowhere
          > near as powerful as C or Perl

          It would mean I could persuade my team to move it's intranet site off MS onto Linux and they don't need to learn a new language.

          I can then produce the things in Perl that VBScript/ASP can't do or even move the SQL databases over too.

          I'm not deliberately trying to be a Linux advocate here, I just want our system to be as good as it can be.

          20 Mar 2001 18:26 babenzi

          Re: Hmm
          I wonder if any of you has ever used VB.

          I have been a Unix programer for many years, mostly C/C++/Corba/XWindows.
          I think VB is a great language/technology. It is the only real component technology out there, millions of components available, It's built into great applications like Excel and Word, it's very stable, very fast (yes, when compiled it's very fast), great development environment, great debugger, and runs on only 95% of the computers in the world. And the language? who cares! is it any worse that K&R C?

          If you guys would stop being Microsoft bashers long enough to take a good, technical view at VB you would also be impressed.

          16 Mar 2001 03:14 amolnar

          Re: Gnome Basic
          Freedom means - among other things - freedom tho chose bad things...

          08 Mar 2001 09:24 hubertfiguiere

          Re: Hmm

          > Could someone please explain to me why
          > such a horrible/pointless language is
          > being ported to Linux?

          The only reason I see this development having sense is because there are a lot of stuff in Microsoft shops done with VB or VBA. If you want to rule the world, you have to take over it, not rebuilding it. So, the purpose of this project is to provide *compatibility*.


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