Version 3.1.5 of GNU awk

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Release Notes: The executables gawk, pgawk, and dgawk where merged into gawk. Support for high precision arithmetic with MPFR was implemented. A new -i option was added for loading awk library files. A new -l option was added for loading dynamic extensions. The dynamic extension interface was completely redone. A new "inplace" extension was added, simulating the GNU "sed -i" feature. The and(), or(), and xor() functions now take any number of arguments, with a minimum of two. New arrays SYMTAB, FUNCTAB, and PROCINFO["identifiers"] were introduced. Bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The default handling of backslashes in sub() and gsub() has been reverted to the behavior of 3.1, despite having brought standards compliance. The implementation of Rational Range Interpretation has been completed. Failure to set the group is no longer a fatal error. Lots of minor bugs have been fixed. Many portability improvements have been made.

Release Notes: New options were added. All long options now have corresponding short options. The "--sandbox" option disables the call of system() and write access to the file system. The POSIX 2008 behavior for "sub" and "gsub" is now the default, bringing a change from the previous behavior. Regular expressions were enhanced. Many further enhancements as well as bugfixes and code cleanups were made.

  •  02 Sep 2009 09:37

Release Notes: Lots of enhancements and bugfixes were made.

  •  14 Oct 2005 01:36

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