Version 0.18 of Gaupol

Release Notes: An extension has been added that allows the use of custom, non-standard framerates. A few small bugs have been fixed as well.

    Other releases

    •  08 Feb 2014 22:35

      Release Notes: This is a collection of miscellaneous small improvements and bug fixes.

      •  07 Oct 2013 21:18

        Release Notes: Fixes broken string formatting in the French translation.

        •  22 Sep 2013 18:11

          Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes and translation updates.

          •  22 Jul 2013 17:11

            Release Notes: This release features a collection of miscellaneous user interface and usability improvements.

            •  26 Jun 2013 13:45

              Release Notes: This release adds a built-in GStreamer-based video player.


              Project Spotlight


              A generic library of universal Clifford algebra templates.


              Project Spotlight


              A Java library for accessing USB devices.