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Gaudí - Database Visual Editor

The Gaudí Database Visual Editor is a Java application that allows you to visually design the tables of a database using a JDBC 2.0 (or higher) driver. It saves generated diagrams in XML format. It also generates Java code that binds an object to a table from a database and XML code for generating GUIs.

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Recent releases

  •  30 Jun 2006 11:40

    Release Notes: Notes were added to tables. A new table was added to every database for that purpose (pg_m16e_notes). The ability to drag the whole diagram with the mouse was added. Multiple tables may now be selected and dragged into the diagram.

    •  06 Jun 2006 00:04

      Release Notes: Improved code generation capabilities, a new engine, and a popup navigator for large diagrams. Many bugs from previous versions have been fixed.

      •  02 May 2004 12:05

        Release Notes: This release features enhanced support for foreign keys, nullable fields, and check constraints. The generated code now allows you to work in a plugable scheme, thus enabling simultaneous work with more then one database from the same program. The ability to reverse engineer a given database was extended to support nullable fields, default values, foreign keys, and check constraints. Many minor enhancements were made to the interface.

        •  10 Nov 2003 20:35

          Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and some cosmetics in the interface.

          •  10 Jul 2003 13:20

            Release Notes: Many bug fixes were made, and there are no more known bugs. A new menu was made to fit in smaller windows. The ability to scale the diagram was added.


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