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Gargoyle Router Management Utility

Gargoyle is an interface for small, widely available routers such as the Linksys WRT54G series and the La Fonera. It provides functionality above and beyond what the default software provides including sophisticated dynamic DNS, quality of service, and bandwidth monitoring tools. The primary goal is to provide a polished interface for these advanced tools that is at least as easy to configure as any existing firmware. This project is based on top of OpenWrt, but unlike other Web interfaces for OpenWrt it places a strong focus an usability and is meant for average users, not just power users.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Aug 2011 16:55

    Release Notes: This release marks the next stable branch of Gargoyle Router firmware. Since the last stable (1.2) release, support for wireless N dual band routers has been introduced. In addition to wireless N support, this release includes bandwidth quotas with shaping/throttling, dynamic QoS, USB storage device support, and wake-on-LAN functionality. Numerous bugfixes and other minor improvements have also been made.

    •  22 Mar 2010 02:29

      Release Notes: This release includes several major feature enhancements over the older 1.0.x branch. These include automatic per-IP bandwidth monitoring, bandwidth distribution plots, improved bandwidth quotas, and a new QoS implementation. Many bugfixes and minor feature enhancements have been added.

      •  14 Jul 2009 19:47

        Release Notes: After one year of development, Gargoyle is officially out of Beta. Improvements in this release include improved bandwidth quotas, a new Web authentication system, a new access restrictions implementation, significantly improved stability, major bug fixes in the bandwidth monitor, and numerous minor bugfixes.

        •  01 May 2009 10:38

          Release Notes: This is, by far, the best, most stable release to date. The improvements in Beta5 over Beta4 are as dramatic as Beta4 compared to Beta1. These include wireless bridging, scan for WiFi networks, viewing connected wireless hosts / active DHCP leases, access restriction white-listing, an option to restore default configuration settings, an improved GUI, and massive amounts of bugfixes.

          •  12 Jan 2009 18:57

            Release Notes: This is the first release of Gargoyle based on Openwrt Kamikaze 8.09 instead of the older Kamikaze 7.09. This update fixes a major issue with PPPoE. Further, the default Atheros firmware now works for both the original La Fonera and the newer Fon+ models; separate firmware is no longer required.


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