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Release Notes: This release includes all the Marching-Cubes / Tetra-Cubes 3D and 2D code needed to render solid orbitals. The 2D code is already debugged and working. New GAMGI mirrors have been added. This release adds structure and info files for beta-quartz, beta-cristobalite, and beta-trydimite.

Release Notes: All Hydrogen based orbitals from 1s to 6h are now working fine in GAMGI, as clouds of dots above a given density. Default values for threshold density, number of points, and sampling radius were extensively studied for all orbitals to guarantee scientific correctness and optimal visual representations. Solid representations of these orbitals and complex charge descriptions of molecules and crystals, obtained from ab-initio calculations done with other computer packages, are planned to go next.

Release Notes: This release fixes a serious bug in all gamgi_engine_filter functions which could result in crashes, namely in Plane->Create and Direction->Create. Group_>Modify is now fully working with objects and lists of objects, making this the first release in which all dialogs support lists of objects. This release adds structure and information files for 16 of the most important cooper oxide superconductors.

Release Notes: Arbitrary lists of crystallographic families of (hkl) planes and [uvw] directions can now be easily created, for all models supported, with Plane->Create and Direction->Create. Arbitrary lists of Planes and Directions (previously selected with Plane->Select and Direction->Select) can now be handled exactly as a single object, with Plane->Modify and Direction->Modify. It fixes a few bugs.

Release Notes: Lists of arbitrary objects can now be exported, exactly as any other object currently selected. A Help->Tips entry has been added to the Help menu, covering important advice to increase GAMGI usability. All the information has been udpated for Plane->Create, Plane->Modify, Direction->Create, and Direction->Modify. Plane->Modify and Direction->Modify have been rewritten, and are now working with lists of Planes and Directions, still in a reduced, provisory mode. Several important crystalline structures have been added to /dat/cell/structures.

Release Notes: Global lists of pre-selected objects can now be rotated, translated, and scaled exactly as before for a local single object. (To grab focus for a list of objects, just press the mouse middle button over the corresponding object class button, in the main menu, and then over the Gamgi button.) All the local and Web documentation for the Object->Copy and Object->Link dialogs was updated.

Release Notes: The GAMGI code now compiles fine with SINGLE_INCLUDES and SEAL_ENABLE enabled, so migrating to GTK-3.0 should be relatively easy. Minor GUI bugs were fixed in all Object->Copy and Object->Link dialogs. Polygon data imported from XML files is now properly checked. The Help files were updated for the Object->Copy, Object->Select, and Object->Link dialogs, and Help->Current and Help->Topic were updated accordingly. XML formats were changed for polygon Planes and line Directions and the dat/ files were updated accordingly. Objects can now be rotated, moved, and scaled in all open windows simultaneously.

Release Notes: Plane->Select, Direction->Select, Plane->Copy, and Direction->Copy were written. Bugs were fixed in Group->Modify, Group->Copy, and elsewhere. All dialogs now support lists except the Modify dialogs for Group, Plane, Direction, as these objects must be rethought anyway.

Release Notes: This release implements Object->Link for lists of objects, for all classes of objects supported by GAMGI, except Plane and Direction. All GAMGI objects seem to be working fine now, with lists of objects, for all suitable tasks (Object->Copy, Object->Link, Object->Modify, and Object->remove) except Planes and Directions (next release). In general, the code to handle lists of objects is now simpler and more robust.

Release Notes: New criteria were added for creating lists of objects in Object->Select dialogs. Functionality was added to Object->Copy dialogs for objects and lists of objects. Functionality was also added to Object->Link dialogs. Atom->Link is now working for lists of objects. The Cell->Link interface was improved to support important new functionality. Several bugs were fixed.


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