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Gambas is a graphical development environment based on a Basic interpreter, like Visual Basic. It uses the Qt toolkit, but is able to use any other toolkit that a module is written for.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2011 22:56

    Release Notes: A new Romanian translation was added and the Czech and Swedish translations were updated. A memory leak that lead to a crash in enumeration management was fixed. Many bugs in TextBox, TextArea, SpinBox, Menu, GridView, ListBox, and ComboBox controls in the GTK+ component were fixed. The Control.MoveScaled method has been fixed. Table existence is correctly checked in the ODBC component. SQLite integer primary keys are better detected.

    •  23 Nov 2010 23:38

      Release Notes: This version can be compiled correctly on the latest Ubuntu release and other recent distributions. Extern function management has been fixed. Combo-box management has been fixed in both Qt and GTK+ components. Drag & Drop and rich text management have been fixed in the GTK+ component. Greek and Spanish translations have been updated.

      •  24 Jul 2010 15:59

        Release Notes: This release introduces support for ArchLinux in the IDE packager. Event management and some memory leaks have been fixed in gb.gtk. The SMTP component now better follows the standard, and mails should be readable in less tolerant mail clients. The German and Czech translations have been completed.

        •  01 Mar 2010 15:13

          Release Notes: The Debian and Ubuntu packaging should work correctly now. RDir() handles too long paths correctly. The CR / NL input conversion flags are cleared when initializing a serial port. Using gb.desktop made the interpreter crash on exit in some cases. In gb.qt, TreeView.Count and ColumnView.Count now return the number of items in the view like in gb.gtk. ComboBox now raises the Click event when it gets its first element.

          •  04 Jan 2010 01:20

            Release Notes: Gambas now really works on the ARM architecture. The SerialPort class does not eat CPU time pointlessly anymore. The Exist() and Dir() functions now work correctly for files located inside the executable.

            Recent comments

            14 Jun 2013 18:06 johnaaronrose

            It was stated Gambas now really works on the ARM architecture. This related to version 2. Does Gambas version 3 work OK on ARM & where may it be obtained? What OS is required on an ARM device for this?

            19 Jul 2011 22:37 MinnesotaJon

            A newly revised edition of A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas is being published in July, and it will probably be available in physical book form by the beginning of August. A free .pdf version of this new edition is available for download, under the Open Content License, from the blog that I put up recently to support the book — . There are additional downloads of materials to facilitate Gambas study from the book.
            You may already be aware of the first version of the book, which was published in 2005. There are many corrections and updates in the new version, and we’ve made sure that the material is compatible with both Gambas2 and Gambas3.

            01 Aug 2005 01:48 ayengying

            how to connect to mysql database
            i was able to program easily using gambas 1.9.10. but my problem now is i cannot connect to a mysql database. can somebody help me on this? i really need to connect to the said database to finish the pos program that i am developing.



            21 Jul 2005 04:27 SmallR2002

            Re: underscore?

            > Why is an underscore not allowed in

            > identifier names?

            > This_Is_My_ID is much easier to read

            > than ThisIsMyID.

            > Underscored identifiers can also be

            > located more

            > easily by a quick visual scan.

            Most likely for sub names, for example button_click() works, button_on_click() doesn't.

            Hope that helped, Robert.

            21 Jul 2005 04:23 SmallR2002

            Gambas and sockets
            I have a slight problem with sockets, well, not knowing how to get them working in gambas. The problem is fully described <-- here, please can someone help me. Either email me or post on the forum.

            Thanks alot, Robert Small


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