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Galera wsrep provider

Galera wsrep provider is a dlopenable generic replication library which implements the wsrep provider API. It provides very efficient synchronous replication, and multi-master and "parallel applying" capabilities for opaque data buffers. Its primary focus is data consistency. A transaction is either committed on every node, or not at all. It works anywhere TCP works, including on WAN, and can utilize UDP multicast where available. It is used by the MySQL-wsrep patch project to create true multi-master MySQL/InnoDB clusters.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2014 19:10

    Release Notes: This release adds many critical bugfixes and updates. Upgrading is recommended.

    •  28 Mar 2014 19:10

    Release Notes: This release fixes one long-standing and rare segfault in case of GCache ring buffer overruns, fixes a possible cluster crash/lock-up in case of network partitioning, and rejects unknown/mistyped parameters on initialization.

    •  08 Dec 2013 21:33

    Release Notes: Big transactions would fail with the new replication protocol; this has been fixed. Minimum cached seqno in gcache has been added.

    •  26 Nov 2013 07:59

    Release Notes: This is the first GA release in the Galera 3.x series. Major new features include the introduction of cluster "segments" to minimize WAN communication between data centers, an optimized writeset format, 128-bit write set checksums, and support for seamless interleaving of external replication events.

    •  26 Nov 2013 01:11

    Release Notes: This is a major bugfix release. A lot of bugs were fixed since 2.4, some of which could result in a deadlock or other serious malfunctions. Upgrading is recommended.


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