Version 4.3 of GAG

Release Notes: The user can choose to hide all primary partitions (like in 4.1 or lower), or hide only the minimum needed (like in 4.2). An ISO image to create a boot CD with GAG has been added. A batch file has been added to simplify the installation process under DOS/Windows.

Other releases

  •  11 Aug 2008 01:25

Release Notes: This release adds some extra checks in the uninstallation and hide/unhide partitions code. It adds a new icon for Windows. Some English sentences have been fixed.

  •  17 Jun 2007 13:45

Release Notes: 4.8 didn't remember the keyboard type after installing which, in certain situations, prevented you from reconfiguring it from the Setup menu.

  •  04 Apr 2007 03:10

Release Notes: A Linux installer was added. New documentation in HTML format and technical documentation explaining the internals were written. The configuration data are now stored in a fixed location, allowing the user to create external configuration programs. The Bable and Turkish translations were fixed.

  •  23 Nov 2006 15:41

Release Notes: This release adds a translation to Euskera and an icon for ReactOS.

  •  05 Mar 2006 13:14

Release Notes: This release adds translations to Dutch and Russian, support for non-Latin characters, and support for external configuration programs.


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Vim Outliner

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Project Spotlight

XML Configuration File Editor

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