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  •  10 Jun 2013 21:28

    Release Notes: Info about missing paths is shown in the logs. Only shuts down root rsync processes. Polish has been added to (ALL_LINGUAS).

    •  03 Jan 2011 21:37

      Release Notes: This release uses non-blocking I/O channels. It reads the full output of rsync's --progress option, showing speed and percentage for each action.

      •  25 Oct 2010 15:19

        Release Notes: Channels to read binary output including non-UTF-8 chars are allowed.

        •  20 Nov 2009 15:06

          Release Notes: This release can restore from backups. It switches to the progress tab when a backup or restoration is started, and adds progress start text. "Dry run" is selectable for restoration operations. Backup at system shutdown is now supported, but is probably not rock solid at the moment. (Input on this would be nice.) This release sets the status color and missing programs color. It adds a desktop menu to the servers and Internet sections, more help window contents, and vector indexing fixes.

          •  17 Jul 2009 12:02

            Release Notes: Better ssh/scp failure handling was added.

            •  13 Jul 2009 03:34

              Release Notes: This release uses posix_openpt(); instead of getpt(); to support FreeBSD and BSD-like systems as well.

              •  10 May 2009 23:27

              Release Notes: This release adds a monthly backup setting. It fixes a schedule bug and adds help window contents.

              •  26 Jan 2009 02:29

              Release Notes: This release adds an extended log viewer. It fixes combo box signal emissions when deleting backups. It will delete logs and extended logs when deleting a backup. It allows for synchronization as a regular remote user.

              •  06 Jun 2008 20:37

              Release Notes: Clearing a combo_box model now emits the "changed" signal, so this release is using g_signal_handler_block and unblock.

              •  31 Dec 2007 10:14

              Release Notes: This release adds the configure option CROND_REREAD_CMD to suit distributions like Debian and Ubuntu.


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